What Are The Risks Tow Truck Drivers Face

We and our licensed affiliates all know how dangerous roads can be, anyone driving any type of vehicle, pedestrians too ,may be involved in some kind of traffic accident with severe consequences. Although roads today are built with enhanced safety features (adequate, high quality, extremely clear warning signs for instance) as long as drivers fail to use roads in a responsible, risk free way (obeying speed limits and all other traffic regulations would be a good start) car crashes and incidents of vehicles hitting pedestrians and bicyclists will continue to occur. Tow truck drivers spend many hours on the road, this in itself places them at high risk of being involved in a traffic accident, dealing with incapacitated vehicles raises this risk substantially.
Here we describe for you some of the main risks tow truck drivers face on the road in the hopes that raising awareness and describing what you can do to help will contribute towards keeping our tow techs safe.

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Navigating Loaded Tow Trucks Trough Heavy Traffic

Tow trucks are designed for towing disabled vehicles, it takes skill and experience to handle a tow truck properly, there is a great difference between driving a tow truck when not in tow and a loaded tow truck, different towed vehicles affect the truck in different ways, all this is true to flatbed tow trucks and dolly tow trucks alike (although dolly tow trucks may be especially challenging).
Since tow truck drivers spend many hours on the road behind the wheel of loaded as well as unloaded tow trucks it is only natural that they are in greater risk of being involved in a car crash.
As fellow motorists you can take into consideration the fact that tow trucks are more cumbersome and less maneuverable than the vehicle you are driving, especially when they are in tow. By allowing right of way, wider free space and by avoiding positioning yourself in the tow truck drivers’ blind spots you can help them get through another day on the road without mishap.

Being Hit By Passing Traffic

Perhaps the most dangerous thing that can happen to a tow tech is to be hit by a passing vehicle while attending to the vehicle to be towed. Incapacitated vehicles may be parked close to busy roads, the tow tech needs to park the tow truck right up close and spend time standing next to the two vehicles while heavy traffic is passing pretty close by. It does not take much for a driver in a passing vehicle to not notice the tow tech and to hit them with all the dire consequences involved.
When you see a tow truck parked on the side of the road remember that it’s driver may very well be standing next to it so slow down and take extra care to not passing too close.


As with all professionals who are continuously on call through their shift a tow truck driver’s day may be quite taxing. We are all aware of the dangers involved with driving while we are tired, tow techs may be quite exhausted towards the end of their work day (especially at the end of night shifts). Of course it is mainly up to the tow techs themselves, as professionals who spend many hours on the road, to know when they are alert enough to keep going and when it is just too dangerous. As fellow motorists, you can take into account the fact that the driver of the tow truck on the road next to you may be tired, a little road courtesy and consideration will go a long way towards helping the tow truck driver keep things safe even when they are almost completely spent.