Our satisfied costumer Testimonials

Austin-Towing is known for providing superior and time-tested roadside assistance and towing services. Just read some of our client testimonials!
Brad Hill 3/25/2012: I tell you what, it sucks when there’s a nail or other sharp object on the road and you don’t see it. I ran over this huge nail the other day and bam! My tire suddenly started going flat. I could tell something was wrong when the car started pulling toward the passenger side with rather significant force. Of course I pulled off to the side of the road. Wouldn’t you know it, my spare was flat too and I didn’t have any emergency fix-a-flat with me. So, I called Austin-Towing and not long after one of their technicians showed up and helped me out. I was really grateful, I’ll tell you that.

Felicity Hardlund 9/1/2011: I got home late, and totally forgot to turn the headlights on my car off. How that happened, I’m not sure. But, it happened and today when I went to start the car…lo and behold, the car won’t start. I didn’t have jumper cables, and most of my neighbors were already gone to work. Thank God the customer service representative from Austin-Towing was super nice and non-judgmental. (I was so embarrassed about leaving my lights on.) Anyway, they sent someone to jump my car battery, and I was off to work shortly afterward.

John Lark 8/1/2011 Thank you, Austin-Towing! I was completely stressed out because I needed to get my car to a specialty garage, and the engine was totally blown. I knew I needed to have it towed, but my car is practically a one of a kind and I needed to make sure it would be handled carefully. Your guy totally acted in a professional manner and knew just what to do to ensure that my car would be towed with the utmost care.

Julio Hernandez 4/20/2009: Have you ever broken a key off in the car door? I have. I did it yesterday and I had a big meeting I needed to get to in a hurry. I called Austin-Towing because a friend had recently been towed, and told me about the different services Austin-Towing offered, and so I knew about their services when it came to locksmithing. Sure enough, their boys came on out and made me a new key then and there. I was very relieved, let me tell you.

Kristie Bright 2/10/2012: I never, ever, do this. But, I ran out of gas out in the middle of nowhere on my way to one of Austin’s suburbs.I pulled over onto the side of the road and seriously was kicking myself for how stupid I’d been. Thankfully though, Austin-Towing’s number was saved in my cell phone and one of their drivers came out and filled up my tank just enough to get to a gas station.
Roadside emergencies can happen to anyone, so we urge you to save our phone number. Make sure you get the reliability and service you deserve!

Liv Hanson 01/05/2015: Thank you, thank you, thank you Towing Austin Pros!
These guys really saved me! I’m in my third trimester and I’m the poster child for Pregnancy-induced clumsiness. I don’t know how I managed to do it but I locked my keys in my car, and I didn’t have a spare. Luckily for me my phone was in my pocket and even more luckier, I had previously saved Towing Austin Pros number in it after a friend told me what great service she had from them when she had needed their roadside and towing services. They had a really quick response time – faster than they told me on the phone. The guy that came was really nice, he made sure that I waited in his car off my feet while he opened my door and told me not to feel so embarrassed, that’s what roadside and towing services are for – and that it happens to lots of people every day!