Robberies Statistics in Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas, US. It is famous worldwide for its music industry. Many of the great musicians have a background from Austin. Especially in summer season free outdoor music concerts are arranged here and people around the globe come to enjoy them. Various visitors and tourists also enjoy their live music. The Bullock Texas history museum is taking the attention of people and tells the whole history of Texas. It is also famous for its IMAX Theater, and special effects films.

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Austin is the 11th most populous city of America and ranked 4th in the most populous cities of Texas State. Despite all the beauties of this city, the very unfortunate thing is the robbery high rates of Austin. In 2010, a survey was conducted to make a comparison of crime rate in different states of America. Austin was 83.51% less than the national crime rate as far as violent crime rate is concerned but the property crime rate was 35.88% higher than the national crime rate of America. Over the years, the violent crime rate in Austin has decreased.

In 2010, a total of 75 motor cycle theft cases were recorded in Austin. As per previous trend shown by the city, it can be said these will be reduced to 25. Burglary is the most threatening crime that is being done and there is no significant downfall in it over the years, rather it has shown increase over the years and is expected to remain at 264 cases in 2013. While looking at the crime rate, it is advised that if your car stops in the middle of the road, do not leave it there or stay in the car for help, just call towing Austin Pros agency to register your complaint and they will provide you road side assistance in no time. Towing Austin Pros agencies are providing services in case of any emergency for residents and visitors as well.